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Below is a list of our most FAQ's. Please have a read of these and if you have any further queries please email us at support@supercheapcpap.com.au or visit contact us


How do i return the equipment?

After your 6 months hire you can continue to hire the equipment or you can post the equipment to us at 

PO BOX 424 


VIC 3137

Please make sure your name is clearly marked on the parcel

What is required to sign up?

We have made the sign up process very easy and fast! To sign up for a CPAP Hire package there are a few things which are required.

1.  Online Direct Debit Request Form. In the Debit Arrangement section, The regular debit is just the monthly hire fee and the cost varies depending on what package you  hire ($59- $79/Month). The debit company will ask for a reference, this can be anything you like (ie- name, dob etc)

2. Identification- We require a copy of your drivers licence or some form of identification. This can be scanned to your computer and attached to the online application form or texted through to our mob 04 999 77 193.

3. Prescription- If you have a prescription you can also upload it to the online application form. If you don't, this is not a problem as all our hire machines are automatic and will adjust the pressure automatically.

 The online application form is at the bottom of the sign up page- here

Remember most smart phones have good cameras on them these days. You could also take a photo of the documents and attach them to an email or text them through. Please send the email with forms attached to support@supercheapcpap.com.au

What are the costs involved?

Below are the 2 Fees:

  • Monthly Rental Fees ($69-$89 depending on which plan)
  • $1.65 Once OFF sign up fee charged via EZIDEBIT.


How long does it take to receive the equipment?

We provide a very quick turnaround time of 2-4 business days once we have received the paperwork. The equipment is sent via express post.


How long can i hire for?

There is a 6 month minimum hire period and no maximum. You can hire for as long as you need the equipment. If you wish to return the equipment after your 36 months term, you will be required to post it back to our shop.


What is the difference between CPAP and APAP (AUTO)?

All our machines are APAP (AUTOMATIC) however we can set them to a set pressure (CPAP) if required.

CPAP machines deliver a continuous constant pressure. This is a set pressure normally determined by Sleep Study at a hospital (prescription). This pressure is the specified, require pressure to relieve the sleep apnoea.

AUTO (APAP) Machines deliver a variable pressure that is automatically regulated by the Auto Machine. The Auto machines are not set to one constant pressure, instead the pressure will vary throughout the night depending on a number of variables. The AUTO machines are considered to be superior to CPAP machines for various reasons. Most patients find them more comfortable to use as they deliver a lower average pressure compared with CPAP therapy.

If you have not been given a prescription for a required pressure or you are yet to do a CPAP titration study then we will set the equipment to AUTOMATIC SETTINGS.

Most patients find AUTO therapy more comfortable especially if they require a high CPAP Pressure. Because AUTO Machines vary the pressure throughout the night, the end result is a lower average pressure over the course of a night.


What style masks do you supply?

There are 3 main styles and each style has advantages and disadvantages. If you don't have a prescribed mask style we will supply you with all 3 styles so you can try each different style. Below is a list of the styles.

1. Full Face Masks- They cover the nose and mouth. The advantage of a full face mask is becuase the mouth is also covered by the mask it enable you to breathe through your mouth as well as your nose. Many people find it difficult just breathing through their nose of a night and this is when a full face mask should be worn. The disadvantage is they are a little larger than other styles of mask. 

2. Nasal Masks- Very popular, they cover just the nose. They are small and lightweight. You must breathe only  through your nose with a nasal mask (No mouth breathing).

3. Nasal Pillow Masks- The smallest masks available. They seal at the nostrils and are great for patients that can be a little claustrophobic. They're have a very low profile and are very light to wear. The disadvantage is they can sometimes be easily dislodged by restless sleepers and they are generally not used when the pressure required is High (ie- above 15cm)

Most CPAP masks come in Small/Medium/Large sizes. We can also help choose the correct size based on a licence picture or facial measurments which can be sent to us via email.

Nasal pillow masks come with a variety of sizes included so you can choose the correct size based on trial.


Can i change CPAP Masks/Machines during the hire?

Yes! You can swap between different masks and machines as many times as you like! You only need to return the old equipment and pay $10 for the postage of the new equipment.


Can you provide CPAP reports?

Yes! All the equipment we provide will record Sleep DATA. Some machines store this data on a SD card which will need to be mailed to us and others enable us to remotely report on the data.

These reports are provided FREE OF CHARGE.


Why are some Hire packages cheaper?

There are a number of different CPAP manufacturers and as such they charge different prices for their products. The more expensive the equipment, the more expensive it is to hire. 

The cheaper packages are still very good and will still provide great therapy. The more expensive packages tend to be a little quieter and they may have a few extra features such as heated tubing etc

If you can afford a more expensive package then you will certainly enjoy the high end equipment however if you are on a budget then the lower priced equipment is great value and still very easy to use.


What support is provided?

We provide technical support over the phone or via email, we also have an online chat feature. We also have a number of Video chat services available which can be provided upon request. We are also working on some Online tutorial Videos which should be available in the near term.


What if i need replacement parts?

The great thing about hiring CPAP equipment is if you require any items that are worn out we will provide them FREE OF CHARGE. You only need to pay for the postage!